District Support Services Facility

    Client: Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District

    Location: 8809 Cook Riolo Road, Roseville

    Category: Education

Unique Features:

  • Pre engineered structure.
  • Multi function operations in limited space.
  • Addressed safety concerns of adjacent facility.
  • Designed for school bus traffic flow.
  • Lease Lease-Back delivery method.
  • Extensive natural daylighting

Professional Services:

  • Programming
  • Design
  • Meeting with stake holders
  • Construction documents
  • County building department permitting

The facility consists of a total of 12,350 square feet divided between the 4,800 feet of B-occupancy maintenance offices and the 7,580 feet of S-1 warehouse.  The warehouse is set up for both high pile storage and facility operations storage space.  Located on an unused portion of an existing middle school site, safety and security of the adjacent students was top priority.